Shamrock micronized PTFE powders are used to provide performance properties such as wear resistance and surface slip. They also contribute to improving green and tear strength, as well as reducing slip-stick between surfaces. These free flowing powders are normally pre-mixed into master-batches or compounds in the resin of choice at levels from 20-40% by weight, to facilitate uniform distribution and performance in the final part.

NanoFLON® Series

Shamrock’s NanoFLON® products are made from emulsion grade Natural Prime PTFE. NanoFLON® products are offered as agglomerated particles to aid with free flow and ease of incorporation, with a primary particle size as low as 200 nanometers. They are being compounded into a variety of elastomers, and into PS, fluorinated polymers and PP compounds for films, to improve the surface lubricity and wear resistance.

Features and Benefits:

  • Reduces Friction
  • Enhances Wear Resistance
  • Reduce Noise
  • Thin Film Applications
  • Micromolding Applications
  • High Surface Area
Typical Properties Method NanoFLON® 114T NanoFLON® 119N NanoFLON® 160N
Particle Size Mean Value ASTM D-4464 4-8 µm 4-8 µm 5-8 µm
90% of Particles Under ASTM D-4464 12 µm 12 µm 13 µm
Primary Particle Size SEM 0.2 µm 0.2 µm 0.2 µm