UV Ink Additives & Applications

UV Ink Additives

High Quality Wax dispersions provides excellent slip and abrasion resistance properties.
Shamrock dispersions combine the excellent slip and abrasion resistance properties inherent in the finest waxes and fluoropolymers with the unmatched stability and uniformity of a predispersed additive. other benefits of our UV ink additives and dispersions include excellent visual properties with no settling, foaming or effects on viscosity.

Dry Wax Additives for UV Inks

Reliable Slip & Rub Resistance – UV Curable Wax
Where process capabilities permit the use of dry waxes, Shamrock’s line of micronized wax additives is ideal. Our polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), polyethylene and fluoroethylene waxes are widely used in UV cure systems to provide efficient slip and rub resistance with minimal impact on the overall formulation. These micronized additives represent the most recent advances in polymer selection, particle size control and reproducible performance.

UV Textured Ink

“Suede-Like” Feel & Excellent Stability
The texture series has become the industry standard for UV applications. the polyolefins provide texture with a “suede like” feel. Because of their intrinsic insolubility, these materials will have excellent stability in all types of UV systems

UV Ink & Coatings Product Selection Guide