Shamrock Technologies offers a range of sustainable bio-based wax additives as a part of our dedication towards recycling and promoting the circular economy. We are committed to helping the environment through our working practices by the use of bio-renewable resources and conservative energy processing methods.

We currently offer and continue to develop, the best combination of bio-based wax additives which can be used in a wide variety of long lasting formulations while providing performance enhancing benefits needed in the inks and coatings industry.

Bio-based sustainable vegetable derived natural wax additives

  • Improves recyclability of post-consumer end waste products
  • Improves cradle-to-cradle material yield
  • Lowers overall energy consumption and Carbon footprint.
Product Description DSC Melt Point (°C) NPIRI Hegman MV (µm) Application Notes
BioSLIP SA-113 Stearic based wax 110 2.0  7 5 Release, Slip, Rub Resistance
BioSLIP 297 Natural Wax 82 3 6.5 5 Slip, Matting, Abrasion Resistance
BioSLIP C-519 Palm based wax 85 5 5 11 Slip, Release, Abrasion Resistance
BioSLIP C-521 Palm based wax alloy 110 5 6.5 7 Slip, Release, Abrasion Resistance
BioSLIP EC-641 Specialty blend 144 2 7 4 Slip, Release, Abrasion Resistance
BioSLIP EC-722 Specialty blend 144 2.5 7 4 Clarity, Slip, Abrasion Resistance
BioSLIP E-400 Finely micronized wax 144 5  6 9 Slip, Release
HydroCER 135 Amide aqueous wax dispersion 144 5 6 8 Rub and Slip
HydroCER AE-37EC Natural/Synthetic Alloy Emulsion 132 N/A N/A ˂ 1 Clarity, Abrasion Resistance
HydroCER AE-30BC Natural Wax Emulsion 84 N/A N/A ˂ 1 Slip, Clarity, Abrasion Resistance
HydroCER AE-35B Natural Wax Emulsion 67 N/A N/A ˂ 1 Slip, Clarity, Abrasion Resistance

Why Choose Wax Additives?

There are many reasons to add natural wax additives to your industrial application. Every situation is different in terms of what can be accomplished using an additive like this. Wax additives have various applications and uses.

One of the reasons for using them is to control the processability of products, making them easier to utilize in a variety of needs. In addition to this, they may be helpful in improving the properties of various surfaces. Because of how versatile they are, it is important to choose the right product and type of additive for the project.

How to Choose the Right Additive

It helps to seek out a manufacturer that offers high quality natural wax additives designed for the specific purpose you have and for the goals of your project. Waxes come in a variety of formulations to meet most needs. For example, they can be natural. Other products are semisynthetic or synthetic in origin. Any of these options may work in some situations. These three types of additives have different formulations, which also leads each additive to have its own range of properties.

Key Factors to Keep in Mind

For those that need to purchase wax additives, it helps to turn to a company that offers a wide range of functional options. Seek out additives that are made with high quality ingredients that can provide years of function and use. Take the time to check out all of the products we offer to determine which of the wax additives we offer may fit your needs the best.