Oil and Aerosol Lubricants

Shamrock’s prides itself on developing downstream products for our customers. Continuing this tradition we have developed dispersions of our submicron NanoFLON® PTFE in a range of carriers to improve our customer’s ease of incorporation and decrease production time. These products are ideal for use in extreme pressure, antiwear and low friction lubricants under high or low temperatures.

Our growing line of NanoFLON® dispersions features sub-micron PTFE particles dispersed in your choice of mineral oil, polyisobutene, polyalphaolefin or water. The dispersions offer outstanding lubricity versus oil alone, “stir in” convenience in compatible formulations and remain stable in suspension. Applications: gear oils, penetrants, cutting oils and other fluid lubricants.

Anti-Wear Performance:

  • Particle Size: The Primary Particle Size of the PTFE can affect the wear resistance
    • Depends on contact surface (point, line, plane)
    • Submicron particles better for point/line contacts
    • Larger particles are better for planar contacts
  • Molecular Weight:
    • Lower Molecular weight PTFE imparts better wear resistance performance.
    • A higher molecular weight PTFE results in higher 4 Ball friction force, and a higher likelihood of a slip-stick event. This results in a larger wear scar when compared to a lower molecular weight PTFE.
Product Name Carrier % Solids Common applications
NanoFLON® MO20 Mineral Oil 20% gear oil, chain oil, penetrating oil, additive for engine oil, metal forming fluid/paste, railroad lubricant, and CV joint grease.
NanoFLON® PIB 25 Polyisobutene 25% Automotive and industrial lubricants, low temperature lubricants
NanoFLON® PAO-30 Polyalphaolephin 30% Automotive and industrial lubricants, high and low temperature applications