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Micronized Wax for Inks and Coatings

Micronized Wax

Micronized waxes are used in printing ink to provide rub resistance while maintaining over-printability. Gloss and slip are other considerations in the selection of wax. In coatings, wax provides mar and abrasion resistance. (Re-coatability, slip, gloss retention or matting, clarity and overall surface properties are important.)Shamrock produces a full line of micronized waxes: natural, synthetic, and blends that impart specific physical properties. These compositions cover a range of properties to suit various applications. We offer these as products in a range of particle sizes as described by their stir-in reading on NPIRI and Hegman grind gages. A reading of 10 on the NPIRI grind gage equals 25 microns. N5 =12.5 microns, N3= 7.5 microns, etc. We also use instrumentation that measures particle size distribution.

Micronized Wax Powders

A range of Micronized waxes with with varying molecular weights, densities (0.93-0.98 g/cc), melting point (97-130ºC), hardness and solubility for a wide range of applications.

ProductMPºCGradeParticle Size MV(µm)NPIRI (max)Hegman (min)Application Notes
S-37997H/N89/125/86/5Widely used wax for rub resistance and slip in general applications
S-394112MG/N1/N54/6/82/2.5/57/6.5/6Medium MW wax for rub and mar resistance
S-395125N2/N5/SP55/8/102.5/5/96.5/6/5Higher MW wax fo Abrasion Resistance
S-483113856Spherical Wax for easy dispersion
Taber Tiger 5512128154For thicker films with best scuff and abrasion resistance
Neptune 5223104956Oxidized wax for water based systems

Was Alloy Powders

Formulated Waxes with a wide range of properties designed for easy dispersion and specific performance features.

ProductMPºCSpecific Gravity 25ºCGradeParticle Size MV(µm)NPIRI (max)Hegman (min)Features
LoAngle 54131460.9512.554Slip
NonSKID 5389106.56.5Anti-slip
Taber Plus 751290.985.0-
Hydropel QB930.888.0-10.03.0-6.05.0-6.0Water Repellency
S-Nauba 5021850.9955.0-
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