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Micronized Wax for Inks and Coatings

Micronized Wax

Micronized waxes are used in printing ink to provide rub resistance while maintaining over-printability. Gloss and slip are other considerations in the selection of wax. In coatings, wax provides mar and abrasion resistance. (Re-coatability, slip, gloss retention or matting, clarity and overall surface properties are important.)Shamrock produces a full line of micronized waxes: natural, synthetic, and blends that impart specific physical properties. These compositions cover a range of properties to suit various applications. We offer these as products in a range of particle sizes as described by their stir-in reading on NPIRI and Hegman grind gages. A reading of 10 on the NPIRI grind gage equals 25 microns. N5 =12.5 microns, N3= 7.5 microns, etc. We also use instrumentation that measures particle size distribution.

Micronized Wax Powders

A range of Micronized waxes with with varying molecular weights, densities (0.93-0.98 g/cc), melting point (97-130ºC), hardness and solubility for a wide range of applications.

ProductMPºCGradeParticle Size MV(µm)NPIRI (max)Hegman (min)Application Notes
S-37997H/N89/125/86/5Widely used wax for rub resistance and slip in general applications
S-394112MG/N1/N54/6/82/2.5/57/6.5/6Medium MW wax for rub and mar resistance
S-395125N2/N5/SP55/8/102.5/5/96.5/6/5Higher MW wax fo Abrasion Resistance
S-483113856Spherical Wax for easy dispersion
Taber Tiger 5512128154For thicker films with best scuff and abrasion resistance
Neptune 5223104956Oxidized wax for water based systems

Was Alloy Powders

Formulated Waxes with a wide range of properties designed for easy dispersion and specific performance features.

ProductMPºCSpecific Gravity 25ºCGradeParticle Size MV(µm)NPIRI (max)Hegman (min)Features
LoAngle 54131460.9512.554Slip
NonSKID 591500.937 – 107.05.0Anti-slip
NonSKID 53891450.90106.56.5Anti-slip
NonSKID 80011507-96.0Controlled COF
Taber Plus 751290.985.0-
Hydropel QB930.888.0-10.03.0-6.05.0-6.0Water Repellency
S-Nauba 5021850.9955.0-

Hydrophillic Synthetic Wax Powders

Powders can be made wettable with wetting agents. The Neptune products are composed of hydrophilized synthetic waxes, thus making them excellent for polar systems.

ProductMPºCGradeParticle Size MV(µm)NPIRI (max)Hegman (min)Application Notes
Neptune 1104N152.56.5Mar/Scuff Resistance, Slip
Neptune 2501048Scuff resistance, anti-blocking
Neptune 522397N485.06.5Abrasion Resistance, Slip
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