Compounds, Dispersions & Emulsions for Greases and Lubricants

NanoFLON Dispersions

NanoFLON® dispersions feature sub-micron PTFE particles dispersed in your choice of mineral oil, polyisobutene, or polyalphaolefin – we can provide them in your choice of oil. The dispersions offer outstanding lubricity versus oil alone, “stir in” convenience in compatible formulations and remain stable in suspension. Applications: gear oils, penetrants, cutting oils and other fluid lubricants.

Product Name Carrier % Solids Common applications
NanoFLON® MO20 Mineral Oil 20% gear oil, chain oil, penetrating oil, additive for engine oil, metal forming fluid/paste, railroad lubricant, and CV joint grease.
NanoFLON® PIB 25 Polyisobutene 25% Automotive and industrial lubricants, low temperature lubricants
NanoFLON® PAO-30 Polyalphaolephin 30% Automotive and industrial lubricants, high and low temperature applications