Web Offset, Heatset Printing Inks

Rub Resistance

Rub resistance is the ability to withstand the effects of repeated rubbing and scuffing, and to preserve print integrity and quality. Products such as FluoroSPERSE 153V, FluoroSPERSE 7908, FluoroSPERSE 966FluoroSLIP 421 , SST-3, SST-3P, SST-4D, SST-4P can greatly improve the ink’s abrasion resistance.


Addition of waxes and PTFE provide the combination of slip (lower COF) and abrasion. For this attribute, we recommend SST-3, SST-4, FluoroSPERSE 153V, FluoroSPERSE 6153, S-381, S-394, FluoroSLIP 421

Block Resistance

Undesired adhesion may occur under temperature / pressure / long storage leading to visible damage to print integrity when the substrates are separated. To prevent this, we recommend products such as S-395, SST-3, SST-4, FluoroSPERSE 153V, and FluoroSPERSE 7908


Waxes can be added to lower the gloss. Individual wax particles on the surface scatter the light in all different directions. For this application, we recommend S-381.