Water Based Flexographic & Gravure Inks

Abrasion Resistance

Abrasion resistance is the ability to withstand the effects of repeated rubbing and scuffing, and to preserve print integrity and quality. Products such as Neptune 5223, S-232, S-483, FluoroSLIP 533, Taber Plus 75, Taber Tiger 5512, S-395N5, AquaFLON 178G, and AquaFLON 797 can greatly improve the ink’s abrasion resistance.

Slip Resistance

Addition of waxes and PTFE provide the combination of slip (lower COF) and abrasion. For this attribute, we recommend S-379, S-381,N1, S-232N1, HydroCER 357, HydroCER 145, AquaFLON MG, AquaFLON 178G and AquaFLON 605.

Block Resistant Inks

Blocking is the undesirable sticking together of two printed surfaces when pressed together or placed in contact with each other for an extended period of time. To prevent blocking, we recommend adding S-483, S-395SP5, S-400, NonSKID 59, AquaFLON 52, LoAngle 5413, or Taber Tiger 5512.

Matte Ink Solutions

Waxes can be added to lower the gloss. Individual wax particles on the surface scatter the light in all different directions. For this application, we recommend S-381, S-379, S-363, and SPP Series.

Dispersible Inks

Certain wax micropowders have the ability to easily incorporate or wet out in the ink or varnish while providing the rub resistance and slip needed on the ink surface. We recommend Neptune 1N1, Neptune 5223,  S-232N1S-368N5T, S-381N1, S-Nauba 5021 for their dispersibility.

Wet Rub Resistance

We recommend S-232N1, S-381, HydroCER 357, FluoroSLIP 731MG, and S-Nauba 5021 for wet rub resistance, or the ability to withstand rubbing, marring or scuffing and to preserve print integrity and quality for inks which may undergo water beading or condensation on the ink surface.