High Wear Resistance, Low Thickening Efficiency

Fluoro GT PTFE micro powders are made from highly crystalline, sintered PTFE. These products can be added with minimal to no change to the viscosity of the system. They impart excellent lubricity and wear resistance.

Thickening Efficiency:

  • Increases as primary particle size (PPS) decreases
  • Increases as Bulk Density decreases
  • Increases with Molecular Weight
    • Using a PTFE with same particle size/density, but much larger MW, may lead to gummy consistency at the same loading in a given grease

Anti-Wear Performance:

  • Particle Size: The Primary Particle Size of the PTFE can affect the wear resistance
    • Depends on contact surface (point, line, plane)
    • Submicron particles better for point/line contacts
    • Larger particles are better for planar contacts
  • Molecular Weight:
    • Lower Molecular weight PTFE imparts better wear resistance performance.
    • A higher molecular weight PTFE results in higher 4 Ball friction force, and a higher likelihood of a slip-stick event. This results in a larger wear scar when compared to a lower molecular weight PTFE.

Fluoro GT products are used in applications such as automotive parts, heavy duty manufacturing, consumer household appliances, high tech Mil-Spec, aerospace and aviation lubricants.

Product Mean Particle Size (µm) Cone Penetration Bulk Density
Method ISO 13320 ASTM D 217 ASTM D 4894
Fluoro GT 105-RC ~ 5 µm 400-475 1/10mm 400-700 g/l
Fluoro GT 130-RC 25-35 µm >475 1/10mm 450-650 g/l