Wood Coatings

Shamrock carries many additives designed for use in wood coatings, including dry powders, emulsions and dispersions for solvent, water, and UV formulations. Shamrock products add value, boost longevity for the end user, and preserve the natural appearance and beauty of wood over a lifetime of use.

Benefits of Enhanced Wood Coatings

  • Improve Mar Resistance
  • Controlled COF
  • Enhance Abrasion Resistance
  • Increase Block Resistance
  • Improve Sandability
  • Gloss Control
  • Adjust Matting or Texturing
  • Water Repellency

Abrasion Resistance

The longevity of a wood coating can be extended for the end user by increasing abrasion resistance to protect from damage. Shamrock products such as AquaFLON 178G-RC, AquaFLON 797-RC, CeraSPERSE 321BG-RC, FluoroSLIP 225-RC, FluoroSLIP 421T-RC, FluoroSLIP 511-RC, S-156, S-232-N1, S-363, S-395-N2, SST Series, Super Taber 5509, and Taber Tiger 5512 are recommended to introduce abrasion resistance into wood coatings.

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Burnish Resistance

Burnishing can add undesired shine to high traffic areas on coated wood surfaces.  Shamrock additives can be used to prevent up-glossing in an otherwise flattened finish, Shamrock recommends AquaFLON 797-RCCeraSPERSE 171CeraSPERSE 174-RCFluoroSlip 511-RC, and Hydrocer 303 to keep coatings consistent over time.

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Mar and Scuff Resistance

To prevent the appearance of visible marks and surface degradations, Shamrock additives can be used to protect wood coatings.  Our product line of wax and PTFE micropowders protrude from coatings for scuff and mar resistance.  Recommended products include AquaFLON 178G-RC, AquaFLON 797-RC, FluoroSlip 225-RC, FluoroSLIP 421T-RC, FluoroSLIP 511-RC, Hydropel QB, S-156, S-232-N1, S-363, S-395-N2, SST Series, Super Taber 5509 N1-RC, and Taber Tiger 5512.

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Non-Skid for Floor Coatings

Shamrock offers many wood coating additives suitable for floor coatings.  Our NonSkid product line, among others, are designed to impart non-skid properties to increase the coefficient of friction in coatings formulated for wood flooring.

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Water Repellency

Wax additives can alter surface energy on coatings, allowing for increased water repellency and beading.  Products such as Hydrocer D-336, Hydropel-AF, S-400-N1, AquaFLON 178G-RC, S-363, and SST Series help prevent water from damaging wood surfaces.

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Sanding Aid

To obtain the most attractive appearance in a wood coating, the effects of grain-raising can be mitigated by sanding.  Shamrock products like S-400-N1, Hydrocer 135, and LoAngle 5413 add lubricity and promote powdering, increasing sandability to prevent sandpaper from becoming tacky and clogged.

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Certain waxes are recommended for their ability to increase the amount of light scattering on the surface of the coating. Control surface matting with products such as NonSkid 5389, NonSkid 59, S-379, and SPP Series.

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Gloss and Sheen Retention

A quality coating’s gloss level should not decrease or change over its lifespan.  To preserve the gloss or luster of your wood coating, Shamrock recommends AquaFLON 50-RC, CeraSPERSE 171, Hydrocer EC36, S-394-N1, and S-Nauba 5021.

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