lubricant additives

Lubricant additives are compounds dissolved or suspended in oil, typically ranging between 0.1 to 30% of oil volume, depending on the application. Lubricant additives most often are high-molecular-weight polymers.

Additives typically perform one or more of the following functions:

  • Enhance existing propertieswith corrosion inhibitors, anti-foam agents and demulsifying agents.
  • Suppress undesirable base oil properties like temperature effects on viscosity.
  • Impart excellent lubricity and wear resistance with extreme pressure additives, detergents, metal deactivators and tackiness agents.

Shamrock Technology’s Fluoro GT PTFE micro powders are made from highly crystalline, sintered PTFE. These additives form extremely high-performance lubricants and oils. These lubricants and oils have extremely low friction, a wide operating temperature range and a much longer usage life than conventional lubricants. PTFE additives also are money-saving, given they boost an oil’s natural properties—thereby reducing the amount of oil needed during processing.

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Founded in 1941, Shamrock Technologies developed micronized wax in 1967. We have since become the global leader in micronized polytetrafluoroethylene. We now offer a broad line of specialty micronized powders, dispersions, emulsions and compounds including PTFE, polyethylene, polypropylene, fluoropolymers, custom wax alloys, natural waxes and other specialty additives.

Our products are found in inks and coatings, thermoplastics, greases, elastomers, personal care products and other specialty applications.

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