Wax additives are surface modifiers that enhance and protect the appearance, feel, slip, durability, and abrasion- and scratch-resistance of inks and coatings.

Shamrock Technology’s bio-based wax additives can be used in a variety of long-lasting formulations. Biobased sustainable vegetable-derived natural wax additives:

  • Improve recyclability of post-consumer end-waste products;
  • Improve cradle-to-cradle material yield;
  • Lower overall energy consumption and carbon footprint.

Two primary reasons for using wax additives: controlling the processability of products—making them easier to use in a variety of applications—and improving the properties of various surfaces. Because of their versatility, it is important to choose the right product and type of additive for your project.

Wax additives deliver a number of surface effects across a wide range of applications, including:

  • Wood coatings: increase scratch- and abrasion-resistance and anti-blocking surface properties.
  • Coil coatings: impart anti-slip, anti-blocking, anti-scratch and anti-abrasion properties while improving durability of surface properties.
  • UV Inks: improve performance in UV-cured systems.
  • Digital Printing Inks: improve rub-resistance and anti-blocking properties with minimal influence on gloss.
  • Powder Coatings: improve fluidization and antistatic properties during application and cure, and slip- and impact-resistance during use.

Shamrock Technologies offers a range of sustainable bio-based wax additives as a part of our dedication to recycling and promoting the circular economy. We are committed to helping the environment through the use of bio-renewable resources and conservative energy processing methods.

Shamrock Technology offers high-quality natural wax additives in a variety of formulations to meet most needs. For more information or to talk with one of our experts get in touch today.