Shamrock Technologies appoints Michael Kellen as new President

December 20, 2023

Shamrock Technologies, Inc., a global leader in wear, slip, and texturing additives, is pleased to announce the appointment of Michael Kellen as President, effective immediately.
Shamrock’s Chairman, Bill Neuberg, announced, “Since joining Shamrock in February 2022, Mr. Kellen has done an exceptional job of demonstrating his knowledge and leadership capacity, both of which have benefited the Company” as we pivot towards the future.
Mr. Kellen has managed direct sales and chemical manufacturing divisions for the last 25+ years, as he has held senior leadership roles in the inks, coatings, and chemical industries.
Using his demonstrated success in implementing effective sales and product strategies, Mr. Kellen is committed to leading Shamrock and developing its innovative product portfolio and customer services.
Mr. Kellen will be supported by a global team of experienced leaders and advisors, including Shamrock’s former president Joon Choo. Mr. Choo has graciously agreed to stay on as a consultant to assist Shamrock, sharing his vast product marketing knowledge, customer/distributor initiatives, and supporting the new leadership transition and changes for Shamrock.

Michael Kellen, new president of Shamrock Technologies, Inc.

Founded in 1941, Shamrock Technologies developed micronized wax in 1967. Shamrock currently offers a broad line of specialty micronized powders, dispersions, emulsions, and compounds. Shamrock’s products are found in inks and coatings, thermoplastics, greases, elastomers, and other applications. Shamrock Technologies, Inc. is headquartered in Newark, NJ with manufacturing and distributing facilities in Kentucky, South Carolina, Belgium, and China.