A thermoplastic is a type of plastic polymer material that is moldable when heated above a certain temperature and solidifies when it cools down. Thermoplastics can undergo the heating and cooling process multiple times without their chemical properties being altered, which means they can be easily reused and recycled. At Shamrock Technologies, we provide a number of thermoplastic additives that offer a range of useful properties.

Thermoplastic Additives: Micronized PTFE Powders

At Shamrock Technologies, we recommend micronized PTFE powders as thermoplastic additives. Shamrock RC PTFE products are used to reduce friction and wear between contacting surfaces and are available in a range of particle sizes, molecular weights.

They may be used in compounds based on PA, POM, PC, PP, ABS, or blends, as well as a variety of elastomers and thermosets.

Properties of Thermoplastic Additives

Thermoplastic additives have a number of characteristics that make them useful for a variety of applications. Our additives can reduce friction, thereby facilitating lubrication and minimizing wear and tear. Our thermoplastic additive products include:

  • MicronFLON® S: Our MicronFLON® S products are made from suspension grade Natural Prime PTFE powders. They can be used to facilitate wear resistance and lubrication in thermoplastics.
  • MicroFLON® T: MicroFLON® T products are made from recycled PTFE, and are designed to increase wear resistance and friction reduction properties for thermoplastics.
  • MicroFLON® and NanoFLON® for Food Contact: Food grade MicroFLON® and NanoFLON® products are made from Natural Prime grade micronized PTFE. In addition to being safe for food contact, they help reduce friction and enhance anti-wear properties in thermoplastics.

Thermoplastic Additives and the Environment

Our thermoplastic additives, which are EU regulatory compliant, are made from natural prime and recycled raw materials. We use recycled materials as part of our effort to reduce CO2 emissions without compromising the quality and performance of our products.

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