An elastomer is a polymer with both elasticity and viscosity, and with weak intermolecular forces. At Shamrock Technologies, we offer a range of products for elastomers, each with a variety of useful properties and benefits.


Our Micronized PTFE Powders in Elastomers

Micronized PTFE powders are used in elastomers, which are usually distributed in compounds, pre-mixed in the resin of the customer’s choice at levels from 5 – 40% by weight. This helps facilitate uniform distribution and enhance performance.

Elastomer Properties

Our products provide several helpful features and benefits in elastomer. Notably, they improve wear resistance and reduce friction. They can also reduce slip-stick between surfaces and help improve green and tear strength. Additionally, some can reduce noise levels for certain applications.

Applications for Additives in Elastomer

All additives from Shamrock Technologies have many different applications in elastomer. They are used to manufacture a vast array of products, including parts and components for the automotive industry, electric, medical devices, footwear, adhesives, and various household goods, among other things.

PTFE Products and the Environment

At Shamrock Technologies, we are serious about sustainability. We use recycled PTFE to make our micronized PTFE powders. Using recycled materials allows us to reduce CO2 emissions without compromising the performance of our products. You can learn more about our EU regulatory compliant elastomer additives by clicking here.

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