AquaFLON 50

AquaFLON® 50 is an aqueous dispersion containing submicron PTFE.

Technical Document

AquaFLON® 50

PTFE Aqueous Dispersion (Previously Fluoro AQ 50)

The AquaFLON® product line is comprised of aqueous dispersions of PTFE or PTFE with wax. These products are designed for stability, pourability and easy incorporation into water based systems. These additives are used to provide slip and abrasion resistance.

Product Description:

AquaFLON® 50 is an aqueous dispersion containing submicron PTFE.


AquaFLON® 50 is recommended for a wide variety of specialty applications in inks and coatings such as overprint varnishes for can coatings and water-based inkjet formulations. Due to its extremely small particle size, AquaFLON® 50 is most suitable for thin film applications at a suggested recommended level of 1-5% solids to the total formula weight.

Features and Benefits:

Slip (Low COF)
Superior Optical Properties (e.g. Clarity, Transparency)
  Gloss Retention
High Temperature Resistance Broad
 Chemical Resistance

Typical Properties:

Appearance: White Liquid
Hegman Grind: 7.0 Min
Weight/Gallon: 11.0 +/- 0.5 lbs/gal
% Non Volatile: 50.0 +/- 2%
pH: 7 – 9


Regulatory Status:

The components of this product are listed on multiple chemical inventories. For specific information on the applicable chemical inventories, please refer to the product SDS.

Safety, Shipping and Handling:

Precautions: Keep from freezing.

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The information contained in this technical data sheet is, to the best of our knowledge, true and accurate. No warranty, express or implied, is made regarding the accuracy of the information contained herein, or that results obtained from the use thereof will not infringe upon third party intellectual property rights. Current Issue Date: 30-Jan-2017

End Use Applications

Air Dry, Aqueous, Architectural, Baking, Can, Coatings, Commercial, Dispersion, Flexographic, Industrial, Inks, Liquid Inks, Overprint Varnish, Packaging

Features and Benefits

Chemical Resistance, Ease Of Incorporation, High Temperature Resistance, Release, Slip (Cof)



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