By David Savastano , Editor | May 1, 2013

Chairman and technical director of Shamrock Technologies was honored by the MNYPIA

William Neuberg, chairman and technical director of Shamrock Technologies, was honored May 15, 2013 as the Metro New York Printing Ink Association’s (MNYPIA) Man of the Year, at a dinner held at the Iberia Peninsula restaurant in Newark, NJ.

Joon Choo, vice president of Shamrock Technologies, served as master of ceremonies, creating a humorous slide show of some of Mr. Neuberg’s achievements and hobbies, from business to travel and building his own airplane. Many of his family, friends and colleagues offered their own stories of Mr. Neuberg’s exploits.

“I don’t know what makes me tick, but I do kind of get fascinated by how things work,” Mr. Neuberg said upon receiving the award. “It is great to be here with old friends.”

“It’s been a great life,”said Mr. Neuberg’s wife Ricki. “I appreciate him very much.”

“Bill has shared his passion for life with us,”Mr. Choo said.

“When problems arose throughout the years, Bill’s heart was always for Shamrock and he is always optimistic,” said Melanie McCarroll, Shamrock Technologies’ director of operations/purchasing, who joined the company in 1975 when it only had eight people.

“Bill is one of the most interesting and intellectually curious people I have ever met,” said Fred Anthony, Shamrock Technologies’ longtime lawyer. “He just loves to learn.”

A graduate of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 1954, Mr. Neuberg entered Navy Flight training, and flew as a Navy pilot until 1958, when he took a job as a chemist at Baroid. From there, he entered his father’s business and sold a mildew preventative to retailers. After being recalled by the Navy to fly again during the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1960, he returned to his father’s company, and developed manufacturing and sales for cream of tartar.

A scientist with an endless curiosity, Mr. Neuberg next developed grinding processes for waxes used in printing inks, and introduced the use of PTFE in printing ink. His technical achievements also include investigating mechanisms on how waxes work to impart rub resistance in printing inks and developing the process to radiate PTFE to make into micropowders.

Upon taking over control of his father’s business, he has expanded the company to include six manufacturing facilities totaling over a half a million square feet on three continents. Mr. Neuberg is a recipient of the National Association of Printing Ink Manufacturers’ prestigious TAM service award, and at 83 years old this year, continues to work on new technologies while remaining the chairman and technical director of Shamrock Technologies.

(Ink World)