UV Paste Inks

Abrasion Resistance


Abrasion resistance is the ability to withstand the effects of repeated rubbing, marring and scuffing, and to preserve print integrity and quality.  We recommend products such as S-232MG, S-394, S-395, FluoroSPERSE UV 515T and FluoroSLIP 421, and FluoroSLIP 511

Controlled Slip

The use of micronized waxes and PTFE improves slip and lower the coefficient of friction in the printing process and printed film. We recommend products such as the SST®-3, SST®-4, S-394, S-381N1, FluoroSLIP 421, CeraSPERSE UV 636, and CeraSPERSE UV 808 are great for providing the surface slip you need in the printed inks.


Control the amount of gloss reduction needed by adding matting agents such as our TexMATTE product line. We recommend the dispersion, UltraMATTE UV 50GDA for ease of handling.


Addition of certain waxes can give the printed surface traction or grip control. Products such as CeraSPERSE 87NSCeraSPERSE 174, NonSKID 59, NonSKID 5389, NonSKID 8001 allows formulators to control slip.


We recommend certain wax products that have minimal impact on clarity while providing the protection needed, such as the CeraSPERSE UV 636CeraSPERSE UV 691

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