At Shamrock Technologies, we carry a range of high quality wax additives. These additives are surface modifiers that can be added to inks and coatings to achieve a variety of useful results. They offer several benefits, including improved processing, enhanced surface properties, and increased sustainability.



One of the primary benefits of adding natural wax additives to coatings or inks is that they help control the processability of a product. Improved processability makes for easier use in a broad range of applications. 

Enhanced Surface Properties

Another benefit of utilizing these types of additives is that they can enhance the surface properties of inks and coatings in many different ways. They can provide general durability, scratch and abrasion resistance, and even anti-slip properties. Here are a few examples of how these additives can affect different types of inks and coatings: 

  • Powder Coatings: Improve fluidization and antistatic properties during the application and curing process, and slip resistance and impact resistance post-curing
  • Wood Coatings: Increase anti-scratch, anti-abrasion, and anti-blocking surface properties in wood coatings
  • Coil Coatings:  Help control CoF while improving general durability by increasing scratch resistance, abrasion resistance, and anti-blocking properties in coil coatings
  • Digital Printing Inks: Increase rub-resistance and anti-blocking properties in digital printing inks without negatively affecting gloss
  • UV Inks: Improve the performance of UV inks in UV-cured systems


In addition to making inks and coatings more effective, wax additives from Shamrock Technologies are sustainable. Made from bio-renewable resources, our wax additives improve the recyclability of post-consumer end-waste products and help minimize carbon footprints. 

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