Shamrock at ACS2018:

(Video from Coatings World)

April 13: It’s a Wrap!! 3 terrific days at #ACS2018 meeting industry folks, catching up and Exploring New Opportunities. Someone offered to buy our organic #LEGOLAND Can-Can Abrasion Tester below….and #Coatings World came to catch and record the buzz as well… 

April 12: Another GREAT day of colorful and dynamic interactions with #ACS2018 attendees! The Shamrock Technologies, Inc. Blues exchanged real Clues on practical product and technology development for improving the surface properties of a wide range of Coatings applications. One more day of fun to unfold. 

April 11: What an exciting Day 1 @#ACS2018 with our Greenies sharing stories of how our products work using homegrown props like our Wall of Cans, a four polymer based Textured Venetian Blind sprayed and assembled by our coatings chemists, a Shamrock Watering Can with water repellant leaves (courtesy of Ernie our maintenance manager), and a Lego version of a Can-to-Can Abrasion Tester built by George D our process engineer and our marketing project manager.  All the fun you would expect at a great Science Fair…….looking forward to Day 2 with the Blues!

April 9: Q: Hey – did you folks really drink up ALL those cans?
A: Nope – the folks in our Newark plant chipped in when they heard we were building the Wall of Cans at #Booth2377 ….our plant guys in particular wanted to be a part of this…so here we are, all 198 of them! And with many of the cans, there are stories related to them. What do they have in common? Drop by and see us for the back stories and the answers!

April 8-Sneak Peek! Visit us at Booth#2377 to see our exhibits featuring New Products and Additives for Wood #Coatings, Texturing and Can Coatings at #ACS2018

April 6-Ready for American Coatings SHOW? Join us at Booth#2377 with Joe Sankovic, Sales Manager, to discuss your latest coatings projects. With his 26 years of experience in coating additives, we’re sure to find you the perfect solution at #ACS2018


April 5-Nothing like a real hands-on “Answer Man”  to smooth out your Abrasion challenges. Come meet Mike Oliveri, our 35-year veteran Coatings Director,  at Booth 2377 or request a meeting here:


April 5-At #ACS2018, Ronald Levitt, our Director of Sales, Americas, will be showcasing our texture products for applications requiring aesthetic, haptic properties and durability. Stop by at our booth#2377 or request a meeting here:

April 4-With only a week to go before the #ACS2018, Shamrock Technologies, Inc. is excited to present our latest specialty additives for industrial, architectural, plastic, can/coil, UV-curable, and powder coatings. Be sure to stop by Booth#2377!

April 2, 2016-Preparations for ACS are underway!

Q: Empty chairs and empty tables….where is everyone on this beautiful spring day?   A: Packing up some cool stuff for the American Coatings Show at the Indiana Convention Center on April 10-12. Come see us and Explore the Possibilities at Booth 2377!