//Sales Administration Support    

Sales Administration Support    


Department:         Sales Americas

Location:   Newark, NJ                    Reports:      Director of Sales, Americas


Purpose of Position

The Sales Administration Support position will support the sales efforts of the Shamrock Sales Americas team.  This position will work closely with the sales leadership team to create solutions to further the advancement of our sales efforts in multiple market segments.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Documentation support between the sales team and our customer base.
  • Presentation of sales gap reporting to sales management and team.
  • High degree of ownership of the CRM system being utilized inside sales team.
  • Ensure data quality standards are met in CRM
    • Maintaining/ aligning account info between CRM and Invoicing systems
    • Account creation resulting from trade shows and other events
    • Merging of duplicate records in CRM
    • Archiving of obsolete records in CRM
    • Enriching of accounts with geolocation, demographic and additional internal data
  • Weekly and monthly progress reports to the Sales Americas team.
  • Trade Show scheduling and logistic support.
  • Shamrock website customer interaction and coordination.
  • Customer Service support.
  • Support of sales management in the retrieval and presentation of data.
  • Ownership of the sales support function utilized by our Representation Network.
  • Communication bridge between sales management and the sales team.
  • Development of organic sales tools to equip the sales team with the progression of the sales teams objectives.


Essential Job Functions


Behavioral:          Level of Competence as required for role


Inner Office Skills:Ability to work positively in an office setting with multiple groups.

Communications: Ability to communicate internally and externally at high levels.

Autonomy:           Able to work unsupervised and as a part of a team.

Multi Tasking:      Ability to work under pressure, meet deadlines, has strong attention span, ability to keep multiple objectives going on while bringing them to completion in a timely manner.

Detail Oriented

Creativity:            Creative and able to put together plans that meet a broad spectrum of opportunities and situations.


Back ground       Level of competence as required for role


Experience:          Preferably experience working in a support role as key communication point.

Approach:            Entrepreneurial approach that can bring in key people to create successful outputs.

Education:            Preferably a Bachelor’s degree in a technical or business field.


Working Conditions


Traveling:             This position requires a minimum amount of travel out of office and will be communicated in advance so scheduling can be done.

Time:                    This position requires the willingness to work a flexible schedule if needed to complete the task at hand.

Languages:           Bilingual E/SP is a plus, additional languages are welcome.


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