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PTFE for Thermoplastics and Elastomers

Natural Prime PTFE

MicroFLON® S

MicronFLON® S products are made from suspension grade Natural Prime PTFE powders. In thermoplastics, thermosets, and elastomers, MicroFLON® S facilitates lubrication and wear resistance. They may be easily compounded for use in nylon, PC, POM, ABS, PBT, blends, and select grades are suitable for high temperature engineering plastics such as PPS, PEEK, and PEI.

MicroFLON® S powders are suspension grade, Natural Prime PTFE micronized to various particle sizes.

Typical PropertiesMethodMicroFLON® S-203MicroFLON® S-205MicroFLON® S-207MicroFLON® S-211
Particle Size Mean ValueASTM D-446415-25 µm10-20 µm10-12 µm4-6 µm
90% of Particles UnderASTM D-446440 µm35 µm20 µm10 µm

Nano-sized PTFE


Shamrock’s NanoFLON® products are made from emulsion grade Natural Prime PTFE. NanoFLON® products are offered as agglomerated particles to aid with free flow and ease of incorporation, with a primary particle size as low as 200 nanometers. They are being compounded into a variety of elastomers, and into PS, fluorinated polymers and PP compounds for films, to improve the surface lubricity and wear resistance.

NanoFLON® Powders are emulsion grade, Natural Prime PTFE microized with various agglomerated particle sizes.

Typical PropertiesMethodNanoFLON® 114TNanoFLON® 119NNanoFLON® 160N
Particle Size Mean ValueASTM D-44644-8 µm4-8 µm5-8 µm
90% of Particles UnderASTM D-446412 µm12 µm13 µm
Primary Particle SizeSEM0.2 µm0.2 µm0.2 µm

Recycled PTFE

MicroFLON® T

MicroFLON® T powders are based on recycled PTFE that has been sintered and micronized to various particle sizes. These powders are designed for thermoplastics, thermosets, and elastomers to reduce friction and enhance wear properties. They may be used compounds based on nylon, POM, PC, PP, ABS, blends, as well as a variety of elastomers and thermosets.

Typical PropertiesMethodMicroFLON® T-801MicroFLON® T-803HTMicroFLON® T-807MicroFLON® T-707
Particle Size Mean ValueASTM D-446435-55 µm20-25 µm10-12 µm10-12 µm
90% of Particles UnderASTM D-446470 µm50 µm20 µm20 µm

Food Contact PTFE

MicroFLON® and NanoFLON® for Food Contact

These MicroFLON® and NanoFLON® powders are Natural Prime grade micronized PTFE designed for food contact applications. These PTFE additives are recommended for thermoplastics and elastomers to reduce friction and enhance anti-wear properties.

Typical PropertiesMethodMicroFLON® 1433FGMicroFLON® 1437FGNanoFLON® 101T
Particle Size Mean ValueASTM D-44644-6 µm10-12 µm6-9 µm
90% of Particles UnderASTM D-446410 µm20 µm
Primary Particle SizeSEMN/AN/A0.2 µm
FDA Status177.1550177.1550177.1550
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