PTFE for Personal Care

Natural Prime PTFE

Description Product INCI Name Typical Particle Size Features
FluoroPURE® 100C Series are free-flowing PTFE powders with a high surface area.
1–2 µ
  • Provides even application for an enhanced skin feel
  • Lubricating and skin adherence properties.
FluoroFLOUR® 800 Series free-flowing PTFE powders. They have a unique, narrow particle size distribution, allowing for excellent slip and hand feel.
5–6 µ
7–9 µ
11–13 µ
18–22 µ
  • Even Application/coverage for an enhanced skin feel
  • Lubricating and skin adherence properties
  • Optical diffuser for Soft Focus Effect
FluoroPURE® Fiber 10C is a free-flowing PTFE powders with a unique fiber shape. FluoroPURE® Fiber 10C Polytetrafluoroethylene 50–90 µ
  • Offers high lubricity and uniformity
  • Provides high oil absorption
  • Enhances wear and water resistance
  • Mascara Application for Eyelash Lengthening
FluoroPURE® UltraFINE 50W is a PTFE dispersion in water (standard) with soft, submicron particles. FluoroPURE® UltraFINE 50CW (50% PTFE in water) Polytetrafluoroethylene 0.5 µ
  • Ease of handling while providing the benefits of PTFE
  • Provides unique SPF enhancer function in suncare and skincare formulas with UV broad spectrum protection