PTFE Inks and Coatings


PTFE micropowders are used to reduce friction between contacting surfaces. These materials are produced in low micron or sub-micron particle size and in a range of low molecular weight. The raw materials and processes used to make the micropowders determine the properties such as surface energy, surface area, hardness and more.Our PTFE for inks are made by degrading and micronizing Natural Prime (granular and paste) or recycled PTFE. Particle size is tightly controlled, and measured by industry standard Grind Gages. The particle size distribution is measured by laser light diffraction. Our PTFE products are color specified using a reflectance densitometer. Other properties of PTFE are its high density and low refractive index. We control and measure many basic powder properties.

Classic White PTFE** SST-2 SST-3 SST-4 SST-5
NPIRI Grind N5 N2.5 N2 N2 , 5S
Mean Particle Size 8 5 3.5 3
**Off-White/Gray PTFE Micropowders are available as SST-2P, SST-3P, and SST-4P
High Performance White PTFE** SST-2D SST-3D SST-4D SST-5D
Mean Particle Size (microns) 7 5 3 5
99% < (microns) 22 12 8 15