Micronized Wax for Personal Care

Micronized Wax

Description Product INCI Name Typical Particle Size Features
CeraPURE Series are white, free-flowing, high-density, highly crystalline polyethylene powders
5 µ
8 µ
12 µ
33 µ
  • Provides water resistance
  • Provides lubricity and internal binder function to benefit processing of dry formula products
  • Provides softness and opacity while stabiliziing formula
  • Achieves a subtle gloss finish as desired
CeraPURE HC Series are comprised of high molecular weight, free-flowing, velvety-soft spherical polyethylene powders
15-20 µ
7-9 µ
  • Provides water resistance and enhances wearability of cosmetics
  • Stabilizes formulations to provide high lubricity and uniformity in make-up formulations
  • Provides softness and opacity
  • Achieves a sutble gloss finish for use in silky and satiny cosmetic applications
CeraFLOW E is a 100% Synthetic hydrogenated hydrocarbon fluid CeraFLOW E Hydrogenated polydeceme 39-41 cST
  • Provides water resistance and excellent gloss
  • Provides high lubricity and compatibility with ester formulations
  • Stabilizes formulations to provide high lubricity to process with color uniformity
  • Use as a lubricant and binder broadly in makeup bases and foundations, lipsticks, mascara, nail enamel and hair care products