Compounds, Dispersions & Emulsions for Inks and Coatings

PTFE in Ink Vehicles

FluoroSPERSE dispersions incorporate high quality PTFE found in our SST series in a variety of heat-set and sheet-fed vehicles, including viscoelastic hydrocarbon varnishes, linseed oil, lithographic oil and soya varnishes. The line is comprised of white or toned PTFE providing exceptional slip, rub resistance, and increased efficiency in high volume, automated printing ink manufacturing processes. FluoroSPERSE dispersions are available in paste or pumpable form.

Product Solids % Vehicle Application Notes
FluoroSPERSE® 153V 50 Lithographic varnish Most widely used PTFE dispersion for all offset inks and OPVs.
FluoroSPERSE® 7908 50 Lithographic varnish Light Gray PTFE dispersion for universal use lithographic inks.
FluoroSPERSE® 8233 50 Soya Alkyd Provides Rub resistance and slip
FluoroSPERSE® 966 58 Soya alkyd High loading PTFE dispersion with controlled particle size distribution

PTFE in Water

Shamrock’s AquaFLON series is engineered to overcome the inherent incompatibilities between micronized PTFE and water. Ranging from micron-sized dispersions to sub-micron emulsions, these high solids, ready to use lube packagaes provide optimum slip and mar resistance in aqueous systems. They are designed with features optimized for easy incorporation into water based systems.

Product Solids % MV (µm) NPIRI Hegman Application Notes
AquaFLON® 50 50 <2 1.5 7 PTFE based emulsion for thin film coatings
AquaFLON® 52 60 3 3.0 7 PTFE dispersion for scratch resistance
AquaFLON® 60 60 <2 4.0 7 PTFE dispersion for metal coatings
AquaFLON® 178G 48 6 4 6.5 PE/PTFE dispersion for both slip and abrasion
AquaFLON® 797 45 7 5 6 PTFE/Synthetic wax dispersion for scuff and abrasion resistance
AquaFLON® MG 46 5 2.5 7 PTFE/Wax alloy for thin film coatings for high gloss retention

Wax in Water

The Hydrocer product line incorporates micronized wax powders from our S-series waxes in a pre-wetted form to provide maximum handling efficiency with performance properties such as controlled slip, abrasion resistance, and release. If these products separate, simple mixing with paddle or propeller mixer, is all that will be required to redisperse.

Wax Dispersions

Product Solids % NPIRI Hegman pH Application Notes
Hydrocer 135 35 6.0 6 – 9 Provides great slip and release
Hydrocer 257 45 4 6.5 8.5 – 9.5 General use dispersion for slip and abrasion resistance
Hydrocer 303 35  8-10 6.6 – 6.8 Great rub resistance and slip
Hydrocer D-336 33-39 5.5 10-11 Provides water repellency, abrasion resistance, slip and release properties

Wax Compounds

Wax compounds are prepared by crystallization of wax from solution to obtain fine particles. Shamrock’s CeraSPERSE line includes dispersions in hydrocarbon varnish, linseed oil, lithographic oil and soya varnish. They may be added directly into the mixing container. These products provide excellent slip and rub resistance at addition levels of 5-8% based on formulation.

Product % Active Composition Carrier NPIRI Feature
CeraSPERSE 31 18 Carnauba Butyl Carbitol 2 Slip and scratch resistance
CeraSPERSE 87NS 25 Modified Wax Vegetable oil 2.5 High gloss, high COF applications
CeraSPERSE 171 37 PE Vegetable oil 2 Slip and rub resistance
CeraSPERSE 174 44 PE/PTFE Linseed oil 2 Combined features from PE and PTFE for enhanced rub resistance, slip and gloss
CeraSPERSE 321BG 25 PE/PTFE/ Carnauba Butyl Carbitol 2 Slip and abrasion resistance for High gloss clear applications
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