Versaflow EV is a liquid homopolymer for use as an alternative to silicone.

Technical Documents

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Versaflow EV


Product Description:

Versaflow EV is a liquid homopolymer for use as an alternative to silicone.


Coatings: Solvent-based Coatings. Versaflow EV is a surface active agent that achieves many of the same performance properties of silicone without the typical problems at significantly less cost.

Versaflow EV is ideal for air dry or baked finishes. As a low viscosity synthetic polymer, it is 100% non volatile, making it ideal for use in high solids coatings.

Features and Benefits:

 Does not affect gloss or clarity
 Reduces COF and adds slip
 Improves block resistance
 Eliminates “orange peel” effect and “fish-eye” cratering
 Minimizes pigment mobility, creating color uniformity
 Far surpasses silicones for recoatability and intercoat adhesion

Typical Properties:

Appearance: Clear Liquid
Viscosity: 940 ± 200 CPS
% Active: 100
Specific Gravity:  0.843 ± 0.003


Regulatory Status:

The components of this product are listed on multiple chemical inventories. For specific information on the applicable chemical inventories, please refer to the product SDS. This product meets the requirement of 21 CFR 178.3620(b).

Safety, Shipping and Handling:

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End Use Applications

Architectural, Baking, Can, Coatings, Coil, Commercial, Gravure, Industrial, Inks, Liquid Inks, Packaging, Solvent

Features and Benefits

Block Resistance, Eliminates "Orange Peel", Enhances Color Uniformity, Gloss Retention, Slip (Cof)




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