Micronized Rheology Modifier

Product Description:

CeraTHIX 68ST is a micronized rheology modifier developed for use in low polarity aliphatic and aromatic solvent-based coatings. It may also be used in powder coatings as a flow and leveling agent.


CeraTHIX 68ST must be subjected to solvent wetting, deagglomeration, and high-shear dispersion. Elevated temperatures based on the solvent content of the system are required to achieve full benefits.
Incorporation of higher polarity solvents will reduce the recommended incorporation temperature range. Heating above the range to activate the product can result in seeding which will appear as small, soft particles. Stirring must be maintained while cooling the coating below the recommended processing conditions to avoid a false body effect which presents in a higher apparent viscosity that is often lost when sheared. CeraTHIX 68ST may also be incorporated into powder coatings at the pre-mix stage to improve flow and leveling properties.

Recommended Temperature Range:

  • Low-polarity systems with KB 25-65 (mineral spirits, naptha, isopar): 60-75°C
  • Mid-polarity systems with KB 65-105 (aromatics like xylene or toluene): 40-55°C

Features and Benefits:

 Builds viscosity and provides thixotropy
 Provides sag control
 Improves coating stability
 Improves flow and leveling in powder coating

Typical Properties:

Appearance: White powder
Particle Size Mean Value 12 – 16 μm
99% of Particles Under: 50 μm
Specific Gravity: 1.02 g/cm3

Regulatory Status:

The components of this product are listed on multiple chemical inventories. For specific information on the applicable chemical inventories, please refer to the product SDS.

Safety, Shipping and Handling:

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