UV Coatings

Wax technology for UV Coatings

Shamrock offers wax additives emulsified or dispersed in UV monomer, resulting in high performance slip, and abrasion resistance with no impact to gloss or clarity.

High Quality Wax Dispersion Provides the Best of Both Worlds

Shamrock dispersions combine the slip and abrasion resistance properties inherent to waxes and fluoropolymers with the stability and uniformity of a predispersed additive. Other benefits of our dispersions include excellent gloss, clarity and ease of handling.

UV Overprint Varnish


Addition of waxes and PTFE provide the combination of slip (lower COF) and abrasion. For this attribute, we recommend CeraSPERSE UV 636 and FluoroSPERSE UV 808.


We recommend certain wax products that have minimal impact on clarity while providing the protection needed, such as the CeraSPERSE UV 691, CeraSPERSE UV 636, CeraSPERSE 87NS and the CeraSPERSE 171.


Shamrock additives allow you to take control of your film’s gloss. Control the amount of gloss needed by adding matting agents such as S-381, S-363, UltraMATTE UV 50GDA.