Shamrock Technologies, Inc. is looking for 2019 Summer Engineering Interns for the below 2 positions; we are looking for local interns who are interested in gaining real world experience in an effective environment for interns to contribute, learn and grow.
The Internship will be from May 2019 thru August 2019, depending upon the intern’s school schedule. Please complete the below application and we will contact students who match the skills required for the 2 positions.

Air Milling
Major Required: Mechanical, Chemical or Industrial Engineer
Objective: Use their Educational back ground to review and write a report on Rooms 1 thru 4. The report should give direction on how to optimize these processes. Main goals are to increase through put, keep a quality product, present ways to reduce operation costs and uphold the operator’s safety.
Overview: This project will involve monitoring the process and operators in Rooms 1 through 4, at some point it will involve running the production equipment too. Once having an understanding of the process, improvements to the process should be researched. Improvements should relate to reliability, increased productivity and safety. All aspects should be reviewed. All positives and negatives in these rooms should be displayed, any suggested improvements should be noted.

Plant Schematics
Major Required: Mechanical, Electrical or Industrial Engineer (Ability to use Auto CAD 2017 needed)
Objective: Present a complete set of electrical and pipe schematic for the Pacific St Facility of Shamrock Technologies. One Drawings will include all transformers, panels and breakers leading to production equipment. The other will include all Air and Gas Lines from there source to equipment.
Overview: (Electric) Use Line drawings from an outside contractor to create a full set of electrical schematics for the Pacific St Facility. This will involve reading the current line diagrams from the transformers to the process equipment. Then locating the main panels/transformers along upstream from the equipment to make a proper map of the facility.
(Pipe, Gas/Air) To start at their source and trace the main manifolds down to their end runs. Document all compressors, regulators, dryers, valves, filters and equipment in this system. This will involve walking the plant, making pencil diagrams and then re drawing them in CAD.
A final report should include all schematics for equipment and the entire plant. It should also include suggestions to reduce the costs in operating our entire air system.