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Wood Coatings

Shamrock additives designed for wood coatings, including dry powders and dispersions for solvent, water, and UV formulations. Benefits in addition to slip and abrasion resistance will include improvements to sandability, feel, gloss reduction, water resistance, and a wide range of texturing effects.
bullet2.gifImprove Mar Resistance bullet2.gifImprove Sandability
bullet2.gifIncrease or decrease of COF bullet2.gifGloss Control
bullet2.gifEnhance Abrasion Resistance bullet2.gifAdjust matting or texturing
bullet2.gifEliminate Blocking bullet2.gifWater Repellency

Abrasion Resistanceresize_TU2A0329.jpg

Abrasion is the process of scuffing, scratching, wearing down, marring, or rubbing away.  Products such as S-395N5, S-483, FluoroSLIP Series, S-275, and S-512 are recommended.


Picture3.pngFingernail Mar Resistance

Micronized waxes are used to improve resistance to light surface scratches. We recommend S-379, S-394, S-483, S-413, S-400, SST-3, CeraSPERSE-31, S-NAUBA-5021, and S-232-N1.


Slip ControlPicture4.png

Micronized PTFE powders improve static COF, but not the dynamic coefficient of friction. PTFE is generally used in combination with other waxes such as carnauba or polyethylene. We offer blend of PTFE and waxes in different form: S-232, S-379, S-394, S-483, S-413, S-400, SST-3, CeraSPERSE 31, and S-NAUBA-5021. They improve the slip, gloss retention and present good abrasion resistance in coil coating application.

Water Repellency

 Wax additives such as Hydropel GPHydrocer QB,Hydropel AF can change surface energy on coatings allowing for water repellency. Pre-wetted dispersions such as Hydrocer 145 or emulsions such as Hydrocer EE-95Hydrocer EP-91and Hydrocer EC-35 are recommended for their ease of use combined with enhancing performance properties of gloss control, slip, and abrasion resistance.

Sanding Aid

sanding.pngTo obtain the most attractive appearance in wood coating, it is common to use additives to minimize the effects of grain-raising. We recommend products such as S-395 N5, S-413, and S-400 to act as a lubricant and provide surface evenness.


Gloss Controlgloss.png

The attribute of surfaces that causes them to have shiny or lustrous, metallic or matte appearances. Gloss is determined by measuring the amount of light reflected from a surface, where the position and strength of the illumination has to be defined as well as the reflection angle covered by the measurement. Shamrock additives allow you to take control of your film's gloss.

Abrasion Resistance And High Gloss S-232N1, S-256N1, S-NAUBA 5021, FluoroSLIP 731MG,
CeraSPERSE 171, CeraSPERSE 174, AquaFLON MG.
Slip And Mar Resistance With High Gloss CeraSPERSE 171, CeraSPERSE 174, CeraSPERSE 31, S-NAUBA-5021,
S-232-N1, S-256-N1, Hydrocer EE 95, Hydrocer EC 35, AquaFLON MG
Matting Agents S-363, S-381N1, S-400-N1,
TexMATTE Series, UltraMATTE UV 50 GDA


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