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UV Coatings

Wax technology for UV Coatings

Shamrock offers wax additives emulsified or dispersed in UV monomer, resulting in high performance slip, and abrasion resistance with no impact to gloss or clarity. UV-coatings.jpg


High Quality Wax Dispersion Provides the Best of Both Worlds

Shamrock dispersions combine the slip and abrasion resistance properties inherent to waxes and fluoropolymers with the stability and uniformity of a predispersed additive. Other benefits of our dispersions include excellent gloss, clarity and ease of handling.

Dry Wax Additives for Reliable Slip & Rub resistance

Shamrock’s line of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), high melting synthetic waxes are widely used in UV cure systems to provide efficient slip and rub resistance with minimal impact on the overall formulation. These micronized additives represent the advances in polymer selection, particle size control, and reproducible performance. 
CeraSPERSE UV 691:  For use in thin film applications where scuff and mar resistance is needed. Great for use in clear, high gloss applications.
CeraSPERSE UV 636: For use in thin film application where scuff, mar resistance and anti-block is needed. Great for use in clear, high gloss applications.
FluoroSPERSE UV 808: 40% (3-4micron average) PTFE dispersed in TRPGDA UV monomer – the ultimate for abrasion resistance
Ultramatte UV 50 GDA: A 50% active wax and silica combination (in TRPGDA) for matting thin films (approximately 10 microns or less) without increasing the rheology of the final material.
Texture series: Designed to produce a range of textured appearances from extremely fine to very coarse (35 to 135 microns)
SST® Series PTFE
The SST Series is Shamrock's line of micronized PTFE for exceptional slip and abrasion resistance. Each powder in the series features a closely defined mean particle size or grind guage reading for enhanced  control of your process. PTFE is insoluble in all solvents, even at tempuratures up to 600ºF. Products such as SST-4, SST-4P are highly recommended in this application. Click here to see this product line. 

S-Series Synthetic Wax Powders
These stir-in PE and synthetic waxes promote outstanding abrasion resistance and slip. Some exhibit limited solubility in solvents, thus avoiding recrystallization that may cause seeding or recoatability problems. Synthetic waxes are typically combined with PTFE for high slip in heat set lithographic inks. Products such as S-394 and S-395 are highly recommended in this application. Click here to see this product line

FluoroSlip® Series 
The FluoroSLIP products are stir-in PTFE/wax blends is custom designed to deliver the optimum balance of slip and rub by varying the molecular weight to best suit the coating and drying mechanism. They are available in powder form as FluoroSLIP series and dispersed in the vehicle of your choice as FluoroSPERSE dispersions. Click here to see this product line. 

The Texture Series
The Texture Series has become the industry standard for UV applications. These high molecular weight polyethylene wax powders provide texture with a “suede like” feel. The seven products in the texture series, ranging from 35 microns to 165 microns, can be used in clear finishes as well as pigmented and metallic finishes Click here to see this product line.

About Us

Shamrock pioneered the development of PTFE and wax additives in the 1970s, first for inks and coatings, and later for a wide range of applications including lubricants, personal care products, polymer additives, and many more.

Service First & Foremost

Top-notch customer service is our bottom line, and a key driver behind Shamrock's significant commitment to research and development.

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